Communities both large and small need fresh ideas and new approaches to better plan, construct and operate today's infrastructure. SG3 Strategies was formed in 2012 to offer an independent perspective to create more value in utility operations, planning and infrastructure programs and projects.

SG3 is known for helping clients navigate risks, seize opportunity, and create pathways to turn the seemingly impossible into reality. Our utility operations expertise combines with our capacity to foster effective working relationships, to help clients prioritize issues, drive progress and realize success.

After 30 years of work in public infrastructure, Scott Goss and John Roth know that the complexities involved in developing and maintaining effective infrastructure demand a retooled approach. Our nimble team delivers a powerful impact as we help orchestrate the big picture and manage the details.

With an adaptive approach to program management, SG3 collaborates to:


A deep understanding of public agency operations (business, political, and technical) allows us to partner with clients to enhance resources, build trust and connections, and foster relationships.


Stakeholders and decision makers align with options that offer shared vision, agreeable approach and realistic benefit. SG3 is your advocate for fresh ideas, effective working relationships and better solutions.


Creating enduring infrastructure solutions takes passion and commitment. Our forward-thinking policies, processes, and technologies deliver results to withstand tomorrow’s demands.



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