Unparalleled infrastructure knowledge and expertise

The infrastructure industry is quickly evolving. SG3’s team leads the charge in developing adaptive utility programs. Our grasp of the business, political, and technical drivers involved help elevate program success.

Scott Goss, President

Scott is a program manager with expertise in comprehensive planning, permitting and regulatory compliance, civil design, construction management, security planning, and multi-agency coordination. He helps lead local, state, and federal agencies through successful funding acquisition efforts for improvements.


As a former partner and director with Roth Hill Engineering, Scott’s technical background includes surveying, CAD, GIS, technical writing, grant writing, public outreach and involvement, and  intergovernmental communications.


CONTACT: or 206-499-5488

John Roth, Vice President

John helps clients develop their program vision, improve program performance, and realize strategic goals. With an extensive background in consulting, business operations, and engineering and construction management, he assists with all aspects of infrastructure assets, from comprehensive utility planning, to funding and grant support, through to program implementation.


John previously served as the vice president and director of Roth Hill Engineering. His background and technical knowledge allow him to offer unique insights into infrastructure process improvements and technology strategies.


CONTACT: or 206-979-6466


SG3 teams with some of the industry’s most respected subject matter experts. Our associates include expertise in the following areas:


  • Asset and facilities management
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction management
  • Management consulting
  • Organizational improvement
  • Software development and implementation
  • Structural engineering
  • System analysis
  • Transportation and traffic engineering
  • Utility locating, surveying and mapping
  • Utility operations and maintenance training



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