Final Touches for Seattle Seawall Construction at Waterfront Park

Posted on June 19, 2015

by John Roth III

View north along Waterfront Park

Alaskan Way’s new form is taking shape at the north end of central seawall construction, along Waterfront Park. At the end of April the mass excavation trench still dominated the scene. Now, curb and gutter, sidewalks and other finished surfaces conceal the complex web of subsurface components. Paving is scheduled to begin June 23rd.

The end of June marks a transition point in the construction schedule, with the focus moving to the south end of the project through October 2015. Temporary pedestrian access will allow pier businesses to reopen for the summer tourist season.

Plenty of major utility restoration was completed in May. High voltage electrical duct banks were constructed.

View north – SCL duct bank installation

View north – SCL duct bank concrete poured

Water main and fire hydrants were installed.

View south – water main installation

Utility connections at the waterside of the seawall were required, with electrical services in protective cages.

Partially complete protective cage for electrical service at Pier 57

Then, time to backfill the big trench.

View north – backfill in progress

View north – backfill in progress

The land side temporary shoring wall was cut down.

View south – cutting the east shoring wall

Light-penetrating surface panels, sidewalk and surface finishes were installed.

New LPS and conventional sidewalks at Waterfront Park

View south at entry to Waterfront Park

North end of construction – waiting for final sidewalk segment

Here’s something of a cut-away view of the very north end of the finished wall construction, showing the various layers and components that make up the restored condition in the vicinity of Waterfront Park. This is the end of the season’s construction, so you see a bit of the transition to a temporary summer condition designed to maximize public access until construction resumes in October.

Looking west – north extent of construction

View south at north end of construction

Summer 2015 Arrives at Seattle’s Seawall Project

Posted on June 26, 2015

by John Roth III

As the summer tourist season ramps up, finishing touches are the order of the day at the north end of the Seattle Seawall construction zone. Alaskan Way is now paved at the completed wall section along Waterfront Park. Installation of lighting and traffic control, landscape features, utility details, as well as boardwalk access to the historic central piers furiously progresses as June comes to a close.

View south along newly paved Alaskan Way at Waterfront Park

View directly south at the north end of seawall construction zone

View north at Pier 57

Boardwalk support structure at Pier 55

Boardwalk installed at Pier 55

View south along Pier 55 boardwalk

The return of Ivars!

Seattle’s Historic Piers Reopen For Summer 2015

Posted on July 2, 2015

by John Roth III

Yesterday marked the summer reopening of Seattle’s historic piers. Boardwalks are in, parking areas complete, businesses open.





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